Who are you? Please, introduce yourself. 

My name is Kara Miller.  I have 2 sons (almost 5 and almost 7), 2 cats, a dog, and an amazing husband.  I am a high school math teacher and doctoral student. 
Twitter: @karabear80 facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Karabear80

T1D diagnosis date:

May 19, 1986

How did you feel about your T1D diagnosis? If you do not remember, perhaps, friends or loved ones could share their feelings

I don’t remember how I felt, but I remember my mom later telling me she was scared and angry.  My great-grandmother and great-aunt both had type 1, so we had family to draw experience from.  I remember my younger sister waking up in the middle of the night a couple times to get either our babysitter or parents to call 911 when I was unresponsive. I remember feeling like I was burdensome to my family because of the cost of supplies.

What mental illness(es) were you diagnosed with and when? 

Depression, early 2000’s. I have been seeing a therapist the last year who mentioned anxiety as well.  

What is your management routine for T1D (pump, MDI, etc.) and how do you manage your mental health? 

I have a Tslim x2 insulin pump and a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor.   I use humalog in my pump.  My endocrinologist and I make adjustments every 3-6 months as needed.  With the pump and CGM, I am able to upload data and communicate electronically with my doctor to make adjustments between appointments.  

Share with us the best book you have ever read. Why should we read it? 

Mmm… I love to read.  Best book for my diabetes care is Diabetes Burnout.  Best book overall, that’s a tough one.  I love a good Dan Brown novel or David Baldacci novel.

Do you have a favourite song or a song that inspires you? 

I have a whole playlist!  Mercy Me has a good one called Even If.  Brave by Sara Bareilles is another good one.  Overcomer by Mandisa…I could go on and on!

Have you ever suffered DKA?

Thankfully,  no.

If you were offered a FREE cure for either your T1D, mental illness(es) or both, would you take it? Why or why not? 

I think my mental health and T1 go hand in hand.  A cure for T1 would make my mental health more manageable.   I would take that cure in a heartbeat!

What is the most unique gift you have ever given someone? 

That’s a tough question.  I buy unique things for people all the time.  I guess some wacky flavored chips or beef jerky for my husband.

Time for a shout out! Who inspires you?

My mom!  Other inspirational influences include Michelle Obama,  Elizabeth Warren,  Jo Boaler, Brene Brown…

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